Friday, August 9, 2013

Phone Purge

So... what have we been up to?

This was the kids' fort that Paul built them before he left for scout camp and I think it stayed until he got back. The kids loved it. Collin was often in there. He likes quiet, alone time and this gave it to him. :)

When Paul returned from scout camp the tires on the van looked like this. That meant I was home bound until pay day!

Well, I went to church in Paul's car one night and participated in the Daddy Daughter Fiesta the activity day girls had. That was tons of fun!! :) 

Being home bound meant that Ryanne and I went on lots of walks and bike rides.

Unfortunately there was a lot of rain as well so we were inside a lot during our home bound time. Collin and I were fine. Ryanne was, well, a little stir crazy.

This past Sunday I was called as the cubscout master at church. I have been serving in primary since 2008 and young women's before that. I haven't been to an adult class at church since before Collin was born so I am kind of excited. However, I'm a little worried I'll be bored... where are the hand motions to the songs? Where are the games? Where is the acting out of stories? We need more music!! LOL! I'll have to get over it and act like a mature adult. Will I be able to do it? This is a picture Ryanne took of me reading one of my cubscout books I brought home with me to look over.

We were invited to a friend's house for a hamburger potluck. It wasn't planned but it turned into a "water day" for the children. That's why some are in undies and others are wearing their clothes. However, it turned out to be tons of fun! This was a tarp with the sprinkler and dish soap. haha!

This is the trampoline with shaving cream! Good thing they had the net around it because those kids were slipping and sliding everywhere!

He looks evil in this picture but he was really just laughing and running and happened to fall down in front of me so I snapped a photo quickly. :)

I woke up to this one morning. Aren't they cute?

I had to take a picture of this. Ryanne loves Bieber and plans to marry him. She has two t-shirts with his face plastered on the front of them and she happened to wear this one to a meeting I had at Chickfila. She and Collin played in the play area while I talked with the other parents. (It was a meeting with the parents in the kids' school.) After we got home she said, "A little girl walked up to me and yelled, 'you stole Justin Bieber from me!' Then she hissed at me like this..." *insert Ryanne hissing*. I laughed so hard. These little girls fighting over Justin. haha!! Crazy-ness!

I complained to Paul of cramps (if any men are reading this, get over, it's life!) and he came home with flowers and pastries!!! I really married the best guy ever!!!! :)

I took the kids to a real candy store. They had never been to one so I gave them each $2 and turned them loose. So fun! Then we walked around downtown and looked at murals painted on the side of buildings, made wishes in the well and threw in a penny each, smelled the wonderful smells from the shops and restaurants and peeked into every window. Really, Ryanne walked right up to them, cupped her hands around her face and looked in while smiling or waving at anyone inside staring at her. So funny!

We've had quite a few play dates too. This is just one of them we've had with a friend down the street from us and their little chihuahua. Too cute! 

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