Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Dream Family Adventure

The timing of things is just creepy sometimes. This morning, I happened to see a post a friend shared about an RV giveaway. :) So, I started exploring the site and saw this trailer and fell in love! :) It's on sale for $25,000 which is certainly no pocket change so not a realistic short term dream here.

Isn't it awesome?

Then, later when I was checking one of the blogs I check often I ran across this story.

So, now I have a dream family adventure. However, it won't be achievable for quite some time. I think it'd be awesome though! We've been saying we wanted to work on becoming the minimalist lifestyle (practical though) and this would be awesome and would totally help us achieve that goal because it would be part of that goal. Love it! :)

Oh! If you want to follow the family's blog then check it out here
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