Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

Since I was released from primary, last Sunday was the first Sunday I was going to go to an adult class since before Collin was born. I was really nervous about it. I mean, what do you do when there are no hand motions to the songs or games to play or *gasp* everyone is quietly listening to the lesson or maturely discussing the topic with one another. LOL! Luckily, I was saved from all that and asked to substitute teach the Sunbeam class (the 3 year olds). There were only 6 of them so it was the perfect size class and I love teaching this age group.

They were learning about temples so I took them on an "open house" of the church to see things that are in both churches and temples and talked about the differences and similarities. They thought going to the baptismal font was cool! I let them walk down inside of it. ;) Anyways, after we finished the lesson part, we made temples out of marshmallows and toothpicks. It was so fun and I loved watching the kids. None of them were 3-D so they made their temples really big! One little girl had me laughing so hard. She made a dinosaur eating squirrel food. I mean, who thinks of these things? Well, 3 year olds, of course! It was soooo fun! My kids ran in when they were finished with their class and saw the temples and had to build some of their own.

After we got home my kids started working on their own. They snatched my phone and took their own pictures of their temples. So, here are a few of their shots. Now, I am always careful not to get pictures of the background mess but my kids are not so... yeah..... There are also a few fingers in the shots but I think they're cute!

This is a little random but.... do you think I'm wearing flip flops in this picture?

Paul is allergic to grass so I am the mower. This is what happens when you mow the lawn in flip flops. You get dirt flops? haha!

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