Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year in Review -- 2012

I learned more hair styles for Ryanne.

We had fun with Flat Stanleys.

We have been super heroes many times.

I started studying the scriptures instead of just reading them. So much fun!

Collin started writing more.

Watched a play at Hopeland Gardens.

Reminded of what cute children I have.

Went to the drive in several times. (games and play before the movie)

Celebrated Earth Day with yummy desserts.

Played dress up... a lot.

Had pet tadpoles.

Went to our first water park.

Had fun at some local free activities in our city...

... including playing in the firetruck spray.

Found a local public lake

with a super tall slide.

I bought fingernail polish for more girl days.

The kids and I had some fun at Aiken's Makin' where they got  their own money to spend. Woot! 

Collin learned how to break a board in TaeKwonDo.

Collin face smashed, knocking out one of his teeth and damaging a lot of soft tissue. 

Ryanne started dance (ballet and tap).

Collin became obsessed with Skylanders.

Ryanne got a bike and became a riding junkie.

Went to SEED.

I found a pay phone!

First time Collin ever did this! :)

Collin finally learned to pump his feet on the swing!! YAY! :)

Knight and Pirate for Halloween

They played in a hay pile for the first time.

Collin led a group of kids through a corn maze... he was smaller than most of them. He got them through and then  they had to help the group behind them who were lost in the back somewhere.

Paul bought me a TARDIS hat! :)

Ryanne and friends went out for manis and pedis for her birthday.

Paul became certified.

I went to Time Out for Women in Atlanta, GA.

We got a GIANT bean bag.

We built a really cool gingerbread village.

We started some new traditions.

Paul got a Chinese Bamboo Flute and is learning to play it.


we remodeled....

our kitchen! :)
hooray for 2013!!!

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