Friday, January 25, 2013

Produce Co-op

Why didn't I join a produce coop before? What was I thinking? ha! Love this!!

Okay, you order a half or full basket. This is a half basket pictured (besides the milk and jar of honey). All the fruits, veggies and eggs are included in the basket. They also included a sample size of butter and cheese. Awesome!! The half basket is $29 and all the food is "naturally grown" or "organic". The milk was $4 and the honey was $10 but if I return the jar then it's $9. They also sell meat, nuts, cheeses, milk, buttermilk, cornmeal, grits, syrups, honey, canned foods, extra produce not included above, firewood...etc. Lots of stuff. It's awesome!!

Anyways, I digress.... so, after I got home and put all this awesome food away I went to Publix to price it and see if I actually saved anything. I don't normally buy organic so I wanted to price the regular food too. Just the basket foods (not counting the cheese and butter samples) would have cost me $36.69. If I had bought the produce that was available as organic (not all of this was available as organic though) it would have cost me $50.10. So, I think I have found something Awesome!

Did I mention how awesome this is? So, since I do not like posting SPECIFICS about my location on here, anyone local just contact me and I'll give you the info. I am super excited!! But, tell them I sent you because if five of you go because of me then I get a free basket. :) hehe!

Oh! The half basket is recommended for a family of 3-4 for a week and the full basket is recommended for 6-8 for a week.

Anyways, in case I forgot to mention, this is awesome and I plan on making it a weekly thing. YAY!!! :)

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