Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update on us!

Yeah, I'm a bit of a slacker with this blog. Sorry. I've been very good at keeping up with the book review blog but this one I've been slacking off on. So, here's an update for all of you fabulous people!! :)
This is part of school -- "Life in a pond".

"Life in a Cave"

This went with our unit on Millions of Cats. Collin got to decorate his own cat and name him and he named him "Sparkly Harry".

We went to a circus activity w/ Collin's school -- it was a birthday party too. It was awesome! We all had to go with some sort of act so Baker participated. He was  lion and Ryanne was the lion tamer. :) Collin was a music man.... we attached instruments to him everywhere so he could play them all at the same time. It was awesome!
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