Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ryanne!!

Yesterday was Ryanne's birthday. She is FOUR years old. Ack!! I can't believe it. =) Anyways... here's a post dedicated to little Ryanne. =o)

Here she was, almost 8 mos old and her first day with us. She's so small. haha! And quiet! Can any of you picture our little Ryanne quiet? Yeah, not me! =o)
                                                               She can be super cute!!


                                            She can also be quite indescribable. :)

 So, our little Lady Ronni Bug (as she prefers to be called now a days) wanted a birthday party this year!! :) Before the birthday party we had to spend some time dancing in her new tu-tus from Nana and Papa. :)

Kami got some great pictures of this little dance-a-thon that was happening in our living room. I'll have to post some of those later. So... on to the party!! We had it at... wait for it.... Chick fil a!! Yeah, are any of you surprised? haha! And one of my friends made an awesome princess castle birthday cake that was not only the most adorable cake ever but it also tasted delicious!!! (That's always important with a cake.)

Several kids were missing when we started singing. It was hard to get them all out of the play area. hehe! And, after we sang, everyone in CFA clapped. My face is turning pink all over again. LOL!

I am just so happy that Ryanne came to be part of our family and that we are able to celebrate her fourth birthday with her even if we were not able to celebrate her birth. She is such a joy in our lives and provides us with great entertainment and a new adventure everyday. I love that little girl so much and just so happy she is my daughter!! =o)

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