Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Millions of peaches, peaches for me....

That's the song that has been playing in my head since yesterday morning.
See why this song keeps playing in my head? Yesterday morning we met some ladies for church and headed out to a peach orchard. The people who worked there were boxing up peaches to send to stores but they allowed us to choose from the "reject" peaches. They sent them in this mini river and we got to catch. Collin thought it was so much fun! :) Some were shaped funny or weren't quite ripe enough or too small or had a little hole or something in it. Some I just couldn't find anything wrong with and there were some that were completely busted (didn't choose any of those obviously). Anyways, they sell them very cheap. Above is $10 worth of peaches. Oh yeah!
Also, we went blueberry picking for FREE and got tons of blueberries, we have a bunch in the freezer, I mashed some up and put it in plain yogurt, I turned some into jam and then we have some to just eat in the fridge. Yum yum!!
The kids aren't quite as excited about the peaches anymore. LOL! This is after our tummies had been filled with some, some were in the fridge, and, as pictured, some were canned. :) Yes, there are some jars that are blueberry jam. Those are not funky peaches. ;)
I continued canning late, after the kids were in bed. Here is what I have left. Someone is going to do a demo on canning peach pie filling at church on Thursday. These are the hard peaches so I'm hoping they'll make it. If not, then I may be canning some more by then. :) But, I'd love to have some peach pie filling. That would make holidays super simple!!! =D
So far I have 11 pints of peaches, 2 pints of blueberry jam, 3 quarts of peaches, 2 pints of peach jam, and 1 quart of peach jam.
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