Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 3rd of July

Yeah, we celebrated on the third instead of the fourth b/c the third was a Saturday. So much easier. It was tons of fun too and I forgot a camera for the whole thing! I am hoping that some of my friends who had cameras will send me some pictures. :)
First, we went geocaching again. I don't know if you remember a few posts back when we went geocaching in the rain and couldn't complete it b/c of the rain. Well, we went to that one again this morning b/c it was a BEAUTIFUL day and perfect for geocaching. Well, we still couldn't find it. So, we went on a hike instead and found a beautiful pond w/ lily pads that even had flowers blooming on them and frogs and water bugs jumping around. There was a little stream flowing from and underground well that the kids and I played in. Then we left for lunch.
Later, we went to a friends house where the kids played, we ate smoked meat and veggies and yummy peanut butter and chocolate dessert. The guys went off to buy fireworks, the kids played and the moms played a board game (not sure what it was called but it was fun!). Then, when it was dark the guys shot off fireworks and had way too much fun doing it. :) Someone got a blackmail picture of me hehe. Ronni decided that fireworks are very pretty but they are loud. She sat on my lap with her hands pressed to her ears the ENTIRE time. It was funny but she kept asking for more. Collin was the oldest kid there and he got to play with the sparklers and both the kids played with the poppers. They had so much fun.
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