Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am sorry for not updating. We have really had nothing too exciting happening here so I haven't felt the need to update but, I know my mom. She'll start fussing at me soon. hehe! Luv ya, Mom!! =D

Since Paul has graduated his schedule has been different from day to day. This has been nice some days... difficult b/c we never know what he's working but nice b/c we get him in the evenings sometimes and it's nice to have him home for dinner. Paul also got our pool set up last month so the kids and I have been spending a lot of time outside. All three of us have fabulous, natural looking tans now. :) Okay, so if you looked at me you wouldn't be able to tell b/c I still look pretty pale to most people but, trust me, it's a tan.

I finished my last semester w/ flying colors... woo-hooo! And I am now signed up for my new classes.
  1. Quantitative Literacy: Statistics, Probability and Problem Solving
  2. Quantitative Literacy: Quantitative Problem Solving and Literacy
  3. Survey of Literature
  4. Survey of Literature: Analysis and Interpretation
  5. United States Consititution
I am really excited about the lit classes. I know -- weird, but I am. Look, my last term was nothing but maths and sciences so I'm grateful for a little bit of creative thinking here. :)

Collin has been spending a lot of time playing physics games -- found here He's a goofball b/c he'll ask me to help him so I try to figure it out and can't get it so he'll go back to it, figure it out and then tell me that he's smarter than me. Bleh! I will admit though, I think he may be in some things.

Ronni cracks me up in the pool. She can just barely touch the bottom so she'll walk around, holding her hands up in the air and say, "I a dolphin! I a dolphin!" LOL!! It's so funny. My little dolphin hasn't figured out how to close her "blow hole" when she goes under water though. Hopefully by the end of the summer she'll get that part down.

Well, I can't really think of anything else going on with our family. Paul is still job hunting though so if anyone knows of a job who wants someone w/ a B.S. in Business Management, let us know. =D
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