Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bento Meals

So... today I have been exploring a type of meal. Paul has mentioned the little boxes of food that he sees in Japanese movies. Today I have done research and discovered what they are.... bento. Tonight I made my first bento meal. I'm considering buying the bento boxes too. I think it's an awesome way to eat healthy on the go and if Paul gets a job where he needs a meal then I can send him off with a healthy bento meal. :) The kids love the idea too. :) Here's a picture of my first bento meal.
This one isn't very good b/c it's supposed to be a balance of colors and the carrots throw it all off. I needed something like black olives to go there and make it more balanced but oh well. I was working w/ what I had at 9pm. hehe! Here's it is... it's brown rice, peach, carrot, lettuce, and fritatta. I'll give the directions for the fritatta too.
veggies in your fridge. I used cucumber, carrots, and potato. You want to cut them very small so they will cook. I poured a little bit of oil in the pan w/ some garlic. Once it was hot I put my cut veggies in and sauteed until they were tender. Next, I greased down my rice cooker and cracked 6 eggs in it and mixed in some rosemary. Then I poured in my veggies and turned it on. When the cycle was finished, so was the fritatta. See, super easy!! :)
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