Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vacation!! Camping at the Beach... hooray!!!

Ronni didn't really like the waves the first day. She was content sitting on the blanket w/ her cup and building sand castles w/ me. She finally liked the waves by day 3. I was having to hold her back so she didn't go too deep. LOL!

Collin loved them from the moment we got there. He chased them and ran from them... found shells and played in the dirt! What a blast!

Life in the tent. After dinner we took the kids to the showers then stuck them in the tent and didn't allow them out until morning. haha! They just got so dirty and I didn't want to sleep in it. ;) We had toys and books so it was fun. We just played and hung out for a couple of hours every night.

Paul slept in and had to eat breakfast alone.... not really alone b/c we were all in the campsite together.

Ronni's swimsuit used to be white.... hmmmmm.... will it ever be again?
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