Monday, June 15, 2009

Newness and other stuff

I just thought this was funny. Ronni did too. ;) She had been eating cookies and drooled and made a mess. Arwen (the dog) noticed this quickly. Ronni laid down so Arwen could lick her face. Ronni just laughed and Arwen was excited b/c she got cookies. hehe!

Here is Collin sporting his new haircut. We were going to church... that's why he's dressed up. He sure is starting to look like a little man.

Paul got a ukulele for Father's Day. Collin seems to think it's his b/c it's so small. He says it's just his size. haha!

We got a small desk so it would fit in the living room so here is Collin playing on our brand new desk. Collin didn't even notice I was taking pics. haha!
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