Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camping on the Sabbath...

What a beautiful world we have... =D

BIRDS!! Yeah, she was excited. ;) hehe!

Yes, Paul was playing his ukulele as we walked down the beach. He's good though so, no, it wasn't embarrassing. =D

Collin and Dad (remember this was also Father's Day so I thought this was cute).

Sandy face!!! You'd think she tried eating it or something... she did.

Collin found some fun shells in this little stream of water.

She was excited to be splashing in water with no waves.

Time for a hike!

I had to wait for the ones w/ shorter legs than me... and the responsible parent who was sticking w/ the kids.

By the end of the hike the short legged ones weren't doing so well. Ronni ended up on my back and Collin on Paul's shoulders.

Back at camp -- playing in the dirt.

For dinner we had chicken and rice (great camping meal -- so easy). Ronni thoroughly enjoyed it too. What a face!!
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