Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years (lots of pictures!)

I really left out a lot of pictures but I thought this should be enough. We went to Paul's family for New Year's b/c on 12/31/08 Paul's little brother came home from his mission. YAY!! If you notice a lot of camo in these pics it's b/c we wore camo and jeans for his home coming... lol! Enjoy the pics!

New Year's Day was also Christmas morning for us. Here is Ronni sporting around her baby in a backpack -- yes, the baby is about to fall out.
Here is Collin w/ his brand new tool kit... toy tool kit that he still somehow managed to drill holes in that box with. *shrug* No idea how.

The doll also came w/ a stroller. She wasn't really so gentle w/ the poor baby though. Ronni likes to grab the baby by the leg and throw her out then push the stroller around. lol! No idea where she got that from -- don't worry, I don't do that. ;)

Ronni w/ Nana opening Christmas gifts.

Collin and Daddy opening gifts.

Dad Smith and his boys; Paul and Karl (the one who just came home).

The girls and some of us older gals worked on this for Karl. If you can't read it it says, "Welcome Home Homeless (apparently a nick name), Uncle Karl, Grandson." hehe! It was fun coloring all the letters though. The girls did most of it... we just helped coloring in the pre-drawn letters and of course hanging it.

While we were there we went to a children's museum which was just awesome! Here is Paul holding a baby gator.

Here is Collin looking very unsure as he is petting an alligator.

Ronni and McKenna exploring the little kid part of the museum.

Collin having fun w/ the flying balls.

Ronni looking all lady like sitting in the boat. =D

Collin climbing the wall (still at the museum).

The 3 younger kids in the pretend lighthouse.

Okay... no longer museum pics. This is back at Nana and Papa's house. Ronni and her new friend running around begging for crackers from g-parents.

Just hanging out around the house. This pic was taken when there were 9 kids and 6 adults living under one roof... don't worry -- more people came. =D

Collin fishing... he'd been waiting MONTHS for this opportunity. We didn't let him have a hook. He was fishing w/ a washer but he didn't seem to notice.

Collin in the paddle boat between Papa and his cousin, Kathryn.

Ronni w/ her Nana.

Collin and Ronni in their Christmas jammies from Nana and Papa. Ronni's is a gown but you can't really tell in this pic. ;)

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