Friday, January 23, 2009


Today started off as a normal day. On our way home from the gym Ronni vomited. As I was getting her and her carseat (so I could clean it) out of the car she vomited again. This continued for the rest of the day (since about 4:30pm). Collin has been a great little helper. He just wants to lay next to Ronni and rub her face and pat her back but Ronni can only take so much of that. I'm like her though... when I'm sick... leave me alone. =D She been pretty cuddly w/ Paul and me though. I was doing dishes and she was curled up in the bean bag. Next thing I knew she was pulling on my pants leg. I looked down to see her sit at my feet and vomit again. I thought it was cute in a weird way... it was her way of saying, "Mom, something's happening again." The picture below is what Paul came home to. The kids and I were camped out in the living room tonight. I figured it would be better so I could watch Ronni and didn't know how to put Collin to bed if Ronni was still up (she goes to bed before him). Ronni has held down some goldfish crackers and some juice now so maybe the worst is over.

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