Monday, September 29, 2008

Shower pics

Pictures from the shower as promised... =)

Some of my friends who showed up. The picture below you can see Ronni sitting in Roxanna's arms. She's another g-ma to our kids. Collin was so upset when she left the shower. She made the cake which you'll see in another picture. Also in the picture below is "Baby Cate" as Collin calls her. Her older brother is a little older than Collin so they are regular playmates of our kids. =D
Collin and I were sneaking peaks at the food... yummmmm....
CAKE!!! That's all Collin would say when he saw this. Actually he was yelling "Birthday Cake"!!! LOL!! I caught him sneaking icing on his finger a little while later... hehe! sneaky kid!

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