Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Labor Day Zoo Trip!!

After the zoo we ate at Cracker Barrell. I was entertaining the kids by taking pics while waiting for Dad to pay the bill. =)

One of our fave places at the zoo is the bird room. Collin loves it! Ronni wasn't such a big fan. She liked it but not as much as Collin.

Ronni had another favorite and it involved goats. haha! She actually got to touch them. Sorry about the poor pic but I was holding her and taking the pic at the same time. =)
This is how they ended up at the end of the day. Ronni before we left the zoo and Collin before we got the food after the zoo.

We were entertaining the kids on the trip to the zoo. I'm sure you can see the cheesy goodness all over Collin's face from snacks and of course he had to have mom's sunglasses.
Dad and the kids in front of the elephants!
Ronni was really enjoying watching the little monkeys. There was a little boy holding reflective objects to the glass and the monkeys were following it. It was kind of fun!
Posing on the tortoise! We couldn't get a pic of the actual tortoise b/c some x-rated things were going on over thre. We decided to move the kids on to the bronze one before any questions could be asked. =D

Another pic with the birds.

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