Friday, September 5, 2008

First REAL Haircut!!

So... yeah, Collin has only had his hair cut by yours truly. I always just buzz it off but he has suddenly developed this terrible phobia of clippers and I'm not going to take scissors to his head so it became necessary for us to pay money for someone else to cute his hair with scissors. This is the end result. He did really well. They gave him a dum-dum and he obeyed everything they wanted him to do. He even looked down at the floor so they could trim his neckline. I was so proud of him. One of the other girls was watching him and said, "I wish all the kids would behave like him." You can bet a huge grin was plastered on my face. My little man! If only he'd behave that well all the time but he is 2½... =)

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