Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fundraiser for our troops -- BALLOONS!!!

Collin and my morning started off early. We were at the polo fields at 6:30 this morning. We left Dad and Ronnie asleep. There was a balloon ascension free w/ a donation for our troops. When we got there it was still dark so we couldn't see much but as the sun rose we were able to check out some of the balloons.

Here we are!! We are in front of the pirate balloon!
Under the pirate balloon looking up at other balloons in the air!
The dragon balloon. I couldn't get a good shot of it.
This was really funny. The pirate balloon fell over and almost landed on two little boys... they were probably about 10. They ran really fast and the balloon missed them. It was too windy so the pirate balloon never left the ground.

This is the beginning of the balloons. This is the pirate balloon as they were laying it out and getting it ready to be blown up.
It started!!! YAY!!!
Ever wonder what the inside of a hot air balloon looks like?
The first balloon that made it into the air... yes, that's the US Flag!!
The balloons kept rolling while they were filling up with air and Collin was scared to get to close. If they started rolling towards him he'd run. It was actually kind of funny. The only way I could get a pic with him was if I was there with him. We had to have a stranger take our pic.
When Collin and I got home afterwards everyone was still asleep. LOL!!

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