Sunday, September 28, 2008

Been a While....

I was looking at my blog this morning and realized it's been a while since I put anything on here. I didn't want to have any angry grandparents so I thought I'd start typing and get some pictures up... =)
This has been an exciting weekend. I have felt busy everyday --- getting housework done... not so much.

Friday a friend of mine, Rebecca, and I made a last minute decision to go to the temple with our four kids. She has twin girls who are about 9 mos old -- I think. We attempted watching them in the foyer and switching so we each had a chance to go back there. It was definitely an adventure but fun and worth it!! =D She was the one who was stuck with a 2 year old boy she wasn't used to. hehe! Poor Rebecca....

Then Saturday morning was Ronni's baby shower (given by Rebecca, Candace, and Amy). It was tons of fun with great food and lots of gifts! YAY!! She even got a big girl car seat!! She was totally outgrowing that infact one. Her little feet were hanging off the end. It was a tight squeeze in the car since she is still rear facing. I had to move the seat far forward so whoever sits in the passenger seat -- well, their knees are going to be touching the dash board but... I guess that's just how it's going to be. I need to start saving up for a van... my little corolla is just too small ;) Hopefully I'll have pics on here soon from the shower. I forgot my camera but others had their camera and I am hoping to get the pictures e-mailed to me... ;)

Today is the primary program at church and then in the afternoon is a picnic at O'Dell Weeks (the park here) with Paul's work. It'll be tons of fun and I'm looking forward to it.

I attached random pictures of Collin and Ronni from yesterday. Ronni was walking down the hallway carrying a block... she does this often. She likes the blocks and then when she's not playing with them I return it back to the box in the kids' room and then she realizes it's gone and goes back and gets it. =D

At the top is a pic of Collin cheesin' for the camera. He wearing his guy capris -- dunno what those are called. I think they're super cute!!

Now -- no grandparents can complain... here are pics and an update ;) Happy Sunday!
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