Sunday, October 19, 2014

Going to try to run again!

Most people who know me know that I want to be a runner. It's always been a goal. I want to love running because I want to find a way to actually enjoy exercising. Unfortunately, when I run, my knee gives out on me and I'm back to walking. When my knee feels better, I run and it goes out again so I gave up on running. Well, I've been wearing the same Saucony shoes for many years. In fact, I think I went shopping with my Mother-in-Law for them before she was my mother-in-law. Just to give you an idea of how long that may have been, in December I'll have been married for 12 years.

So, I decided to go to Fleet Feet to get my shoes. They watch my walk and measure my feet to try and find the best shoes for me. Apparently, I have high arches so my ankles dip in, limiting the amount of weight put on the outside of my feet. So, I got these Mizunos! I also got inserts for high arches AND I was shown a way to tie my tennis shoes that supports my heel better. YAY! :)

When I got home, I decided to test it so I ran a mile. Only one. At the 3/4 mile marker, the outside of my foot felt tired from holding extra weight it wasn't used to supporting. Today, the muscle around the inner part of my knee is sore. It's not the 'my knee is out' type of sore but the muscle is sore. I was told I needed to build up the muscle on the inside of my knee and given exercises to strengthen it and foam roller exercises to do. So, feeling that muscle is strengthening makes me very happy. I am hoping I will be able to run now. My plan is to run on T, Th, and Sa and do X-Training (21 Day Fix) workouts on M, W, F, Su. I'm excited to try my new routine. I hope it works well for me. I'm also starting the 21 DF meal plan back. I'm super excited and hoping for some results!!! :)
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