Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday, Ryanne!

The first time you saw snow, you looked so scared. I was so glad I was there to give you a hug and tell you it was okay. 

I loved seeing your expressions as you watched the ocean the first time we went.
And your eyes as you watched the seagulls fly.
Mountain creeks seem to be your favorite places to swim.
I love how I still hear stories about how fun it was to ride your first horse ride.
I still remember how I afraid I was watching you in the hospital. So glad you didn't have to stay long.
I love going on hiking adventures with you. You keep it all fun and exciting.
Everything is fun for you. I love it!
I love that you have already picked out your dream car. Just know you won't be getting it for a LONG time.
I love watching you grow as you hang out with your friends.
Your attitude cracks me up, too. It is very obvious in this picture.
And then, as I was scrolling through pictures on my phone, I found this picture from yesterday. You are such a funny girl!

We may not have had you in our family for your whole life, but I'm so grateful for the experiences we have had with you and for the joy you bring to our lives. I love you, Funny Girl! I'm so glad we have so many more adventures left!!

I love you!
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