Saturday, October 19, 2013

I dreamed a dream of a relaxing Saturday.....

However, that Saturday was NOT today. ;)

So, we started our day with a 9am Spooky to be Hungry. Ryanne's girlscout Troop had already put out notes letting people know they'd be going by this week to pick up cans of food. So, that's what we did today, picked up the cans of food. They also said all siblings are invited and if they're a scout and have a uniform then to wear it. So.... we filled up the back of an SUV with cans of food. :)

Yay!! Then, an hour and a half later we went back home. We sat and watched a TV show together, ate lunch and then off we went again. This time to a scouting STEM activity. It was put on by a local community college and it was for Tigers, cubscouts, Webelos, Daisies, Brownies and Juniors. Woot! So, both of my kids were involved in this one... Ryanne with her troop and Collin in his pack. :) Of course, since I'm also cubmaster of that pack he and I were grouped together and Ryanne was grouped with her troop. As I post these pictures that will make more sense. I ran back and forth between what each group was doing. ;) They went to different stations so you'll see them looking sort of random and out of order but this was the order I took them because the kids were both at different stations and I was running between them.
Collin is turning the hand crank thing here to power up the light bulb. They are showing how much more is needed for the old fashioned light bulbs versus those spiraly ones. Glad we use the spiral ones because that thing was hard to crank for the old fashioned light bulb. I say old fashioned but many ppl still use them I think. :)

Creating a circuit with his body to make the bulb light up and whistle. 

Ryanne painting a picture of an atom.

Building a tower out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows. They were learning how to build them so they are actually strong and don't wobble and fall over.

The boys were learning about radiation here. I couldn't remember the different types so he told me after we got home that it was gamma and beta radiation and told me the difference between the two. Then, they used this little truck thing to find a land mine.... well, obviously not a real one. It was just a little piece of plastic hidden under the carpet but it was still cool for the boys. 

They learned about the laws of motion and then created little cars out of styrofoam cups, duct tape, balloons and straws. It's powered by the balloon and the force of air. Ryanne's didn't get very far but she had fun. :)

Here, they learned about fission. 

Ryanne's turn to build the tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti noodles.

Collin's turn to paint an atom. We didn't get to keep these paintings. They were putting them all on a big mat together and displaying them in a museum.

Collin's turn to learn about the laws of motion.

And then the race, of course. Yes, Collin is lying on the floor a little differently than everyone else. I have to share something that I am very proud of Collin for. He didn't win. His car tuckered out half way to the finish line Everyone else's who did that just picked up their car and accepted they didn't win because they wanted a treat at the end. Collin was determined to finish so he stopped in the middle of the floor, everyone else had moved on, and blew up his balloon again so he could finish. They gave him a first place price for "determination". I was proud of him for not getting angry or giving up. Yay!
That was my day.... so.... tired......

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