Sunday, October 13, 2013

SEED 2013

We go to this thing EVERY year!!! Love it!!! We spent over 4 hours there this year and STILL didn't get to do everything.

Making Slime! :)

My niece had never touche a snake before so I was determined to get a picture of her doing so. :)

The kids are making a circuit (holding hands in a circle) and making a light stick glow.

Collin kept letting go and grabbing hands again and experimenting with different sized circles. It was funny.

Petting the gator!

This and several of the following pictures are of the kids making paper.

dodecahedron (almost) They didn't let the kids do the bottom of the shape b/c then it wouldn't sit up so these are ALMOST dohecahedrons. :) They are made from gumdrops and toothpicks.

Learning about potential energy.

Flicking marshmallows on spoons (potential energy... get it?) at a girl standing at the end of the table wearing a target. LOL!

touching more gators. There were 3 baby alligators that we saw this year at SEED.

Dissecting owl pellets. Woot! :) I use to love doing this in school. So much better than dissecting animals. 

An opossum. Isn't he cute? He was so sleepy. Everyone walked by and petted him and he just slept right through it all. haha! 

I love these things. :)

Learning about the brain.

Ryanne found the Cat in the Hat and her friend!!! Double bonus!!! :)

Tangrams -- There was a big kid next to Collin trying to complete this puzzle. He had to fit all the shapes together to make the rectangle. The big kid kept claiming all the shapes and wouldn't let Collin have any. It was a pain. Collin would pick up a piece from the table and the kid would grab it from Collin's hand and say, "No, I'm using that." So, Collin had a limited number to work with. Despite this challenge, he finished his before the big kid. Ha! Take that big kid! (Okay, that was my mom moment... k?)

He added the piece on top because he thought it made it look like a monster.

What do all these snacks have to do with science?

Oh!! PacMan. You touch the bananas for pacman to move. Yeah, seriously. :) There were four for up, down, left and right. So funny!

Or, play a computer piano on gummy worms? 

How about draw a picture on the computer with playdough?

Needless to say, the kids had TONS of fun!!! :) I was exhausted. We didn't get to see everything but my legs were in pain. We did more stuff.... they learned about plants and space and we looked directly at the sun with special glasses, learned about rainbows..... the list goes on. I just couldn't get pics of everything and I couldn't walk any longer. Especially with the fact of grocery shopping looming in my future. Ack!

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