Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Time Out For Women 2013

 I had an opportunity to go to TOFW this year!! YAY!! It was awesome!! :) These are pictures of the hotel room I stayed in. We had 2 rooms. My room had 3 other ladies and 2 babies. :) There were 6 people in each room. It was so fun!

 We also found this amazing candy store a few blocks from us. I managed to resist buying anything all 3 times I went to this store. LOL!

 We finally made it to TOFW. Here's our pamphlet!
 The first night we went, the presenters weren't there. The Friday night speakers were held up in UT and couldn't get on a flight. So, we Skyped with Brad Wilcox and we watched a recording of Sheri Dew, which sounds like that would be lame but it was totally awesome!! Jenny Oaks Baker was our musical performer for the night. She made it but she flew in from DC so a totally different flight. Of course, her flight was delayed too so she arrived about 30 minutes before the thing started. haha! Overall, Friday night was awesome even if we didn't get to hear the speakers we thought we'd hear or the way we thought we'd hear them. ;) We just hoped the speakers would arrive on Saturday.

They did make it!! We even got Barbara Thompson on Saturday. She was supposed to speak on Friday so we had an extra presenter on Saturday. Yeah!
The music for Saturday was presented by Jericho Road. They were the same ones who did the music last year so most of the stuff was the same. That's OK though. It was still fun. :) 
 We got to hear from Mariom Kallon. To watch a short youtube video then click here. She is an amazing woman with an amazing story. However, her presentation was the same as last year's but it is still an amazing story. We then heard from Emily Watts. Finally we heard from the person I had been waiting for and the biggest reason I wanted to go to TOFW this year.....!!!
 D.Kelly Ogden!!!! So, I have to tell ya... during one of the breaks I bought The Four Gospels by D Kelly Ogden (several of his books are pictured below) for Paul. Then, I decided I would have him sign it. The woman in line in front of me was all star struck and I decided I wasn't going to be like that because I found it annoying and I didn't want to be annoying. However, I also don't do well in situations like that. I have been called "shy" a few times in my life. So, in my mind I was thinking about how awesome he was. However, our conversation went a little something like this:
Ogden: "Do you want me to sign that?"
Me: "Yes, it's for my husband."
Ogden: "What's his name?"
Me: "Paul"
Then I stand there quietly as he signs it. He hands it to me and I say, "Thank you." And walk away. Yeah, so much for me telling him how much I look up to him and how he made me devour the scriptures and learn to actually love them. haha!! Oh well.

 Here is what he wrote to Paul. :) YAY!! I was super excited.
There were several other speakers and the whole thing was awesome!! Here's a group picture. There are two ladies missing from this photo though. One is my mom and then one other lady from our ward. Oh!! My mom and I also got to participate in the service project this year. Last year I didn't get to because they were out of tickets and they only had a certain number. It was a project called Food4Kids. They made food bags for children who only get food from the school. When they are home they go hungry. So, they were filled with cans of tuna/chicken, granola bars, crackers...etc. It also included crayons and a coloring book. I thought it was a really neat project. :) Anyways.... this was my Time Our For Women weekend. So fun!! Hopefully this becomes an annual tradition. This was my second year going. Next year will be tough because the closest one to me is a 6 hour drive but it'll all work out... hopefully. ;)

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