Friday, November 8, 2013

Bruster's Ice Cream Field Trip

here's the cookbook.

The girls are slapping the bag to mix the butter fat into the milk so it's not floating on top. 

Then they measured out 2 gallons of milk (they've been learning the metric system so when she asked how many quarts go in a gallon they weren't sure). The boys poured the milk in and Ryanne put the vanilla in.

Then, time to turn it on to churn. She was showing the kids how the machine works in the empty one by it. 

The kids had to check in the machine to see what it looked like. Ryanne's turn!

That had to churn for 10 minutes so the kids got a tour of the rest of the facility. They even got to wear the headset for the drive thru.

They got to help make waffle cones and waffle bones. How cool! I thought this part was pretty neat too. 

Time to check the ice cream!

As the ice cream went in they alternated the crushed oreos with the freshly churned ice cream. 

There is a 5 gallon bucket full of freshly churned oreo ice cream.
At the end, everyone, including the adults, had to go stand by their favorite type of ice cream and she gave us all a cup of ice cream. So fun!!!! Definitely worth the $1/person that I didn't even have to pay... the school paid for it. YAY! :)
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