Monday, November 19, 2012

Time Out For Women

I snagged this from a friend's blog. ;) I had the opportunity to go to Time Out For Women this year. YAY!! :)

I have never gone to TOFW before so this was pretty exciting for me! It was also the first time I've been away from my kids on an overnighter. Oh!! It was tough but I survived and they survived and Paul cleaned the house. haha!

While I was there, I found something that I haven't seen in years and I'm pretty sure my children have NEVER seen one. I had to take a picture with it so I could show it to my children one day.

 Yes!! It was an actual payphone!!! How exciting is that? We picked it up and heard a REAL dial tone too. It was crazy!! A real, working payphone!! :) haha!

Anyways... moving on to the more important things....

Jericho Road was singing. It was really funny b/c they were pretty much a Mormon Boy Band. Seriously! It was hilarious! :) They were good, boy band style. ;)

There were some incredible speakers there too. I'm FB friends with one of them and she and I have even sent messages to each other. I felt special. ;) haha!

It was so much fun going with other ladies from my ward and sharing a hotel room and just experiencing that sisterhood. Everything about the trip was amazing except the ride home. My sugar got all wonky from not eating right while I was there. Blek! So, the trip home was a bit miserable but I made it and got everything worked out. =o) Next year it's going to be even closer to me... only an hour away so I'm excited for that one!


ALYN said...

does this mean you read my blog? : )

Linda said...

Of course I do!! :)