Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Festival - SCVCS

SCVCS had another field trip for us. YAY!!! LOVE field trips. This one was done by Clemson University agricultural group.

Playing in the hay stack! I'm so glad my children were able to jump off the haystack into more hay. I have never been able to do that and it looked like so much fun in movies.

The playground was a maze of hay-bales and tunnels. So cool!

Our first booth was to learn about corn and all that corn is used in and the history of corn and such. Then, we got to go through the corn maze. We were told to let the children lead. Collin decided to lead the first group through. He was not the oldest. The oldest was about two heads taller than Collin but Collin led anyways and the other children followed. The parents followed them. Of course, Collin ran through the maze so we had to run to keep up with them. I didn't want them lost in the maze w/o us. haha! But, Collin led us right out. He didn't make a single wrong turn. He said it was easy b/c he could tell which parts of the trail were walked on the most. There was only one tricky part where they had to make a decision.... right or left. He said he had no clue but all the other kids were waiting for him to choose so he went right. We all followed and he led out straight out the maze. LOL! The other group that didn't manage to keep up with my running son got so lost that the people in charge of that area had to go in and get them. LOL! I was proud of Collin for being such a great leader. :)

The next booth was about pumpkins. It was pretty cool. They made pretend GIANT pumpkin pie all together. It was funny. The lady who led the group used to be a kindergarten teacher and it was obvious in the way so spoke to the kids. She didn't lose their attention for a second. 

At the end of this section they got their own pumpkin seeds in a ziploc bag with a wet cotton ball to grow (ours just started molding so we trashed it but it sounded cool). See the boy with blue jacket right in front of the camera here. He was the one I was talking about who had Collin leading.... along with all these other children. hehe!

Time for the "hay-ride". There was no hay but, whatever. This was an informative ride. The guy in the front was telling us about all the things they do there and learn and was teaching the kids about the different plants growing and experiments they do there.


After the hay ride we went to the Children's Garden which was SUPER COOL!!!! This was a human sized bird house so the kids could see what it would be like to live in a bird house.

Eeyore in Pooh's Garden

Old MacDonald's Farm... cutest thing ever!

They also had Mr.McGregor's Garden and all kinds of things. I just loved how they did a play area based off children's literature. Isn't that awesome!!!???? The correct answer is YES!!!
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