Monday, November 19, 2012

Randomness - Halloween/Parks/Cubscouts

No, Collin is not in cubscouts yet. He could be a tiger scout but the church doesn't start until wolves so he has another year. But... one of my favorite responsibilities I have in primary is working with the cubscout program. This means that I get to bring Collin with me to pack meetings and occasionally I take the kids to den meetings as well. Collin got to bob for apples for the first time.

It took him a while but eventually he did get an apple. YAY!! It was hard b/c he is missing two of his four front teeth. haha!

He has finally gotten pumping down. Hooray!! So, when we go to the park he can normally be found on the swings. It's nice not have to push him constantly. I can just sit back and watch him swing while I try to keep up with Ryanne.

Trunk or treat at church. I was one of the people in charge of the fall carnival so I didn't get a lot of pictures b/c I pretty much just turned my children loose in the church while I handled other responsibilities. There were lots of carnival games, food, and a spook alley. Of course, there was trunk or treating at the end. There were about 270 people at this thing. I was so tired when it was over. LOL! But, it turned out really awesome and the kids had a blast so it was all worth it!!

Feast of the Dead!! So, instead of going trick or treating Halloween night (b/c the kids get enough candy from trunk or treating) we have a Feast of the Dead. Basically... we eat lots of food and watch a Halloween movie. Here are the "mummy-dogs" the kids made. hehe! 

And Frog Eyed Salad!!!

Our adorable pumpkin went on sale Halloween day for $1.99 so we got him. He was HUGE!! Ryanne drew the eyes and Collin drew the nose and mouth. I cut, of course. Didn't he turn out cute? I had to trash him Friday and it was so sad. He had turned into a slimy mess but he really was cute and here's the proof!

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