Monday, November 19, 2012

Ryanne's 5th Birthday Party

I am not a cake maker. Ryanne wanted chocolate with chocolate in the bundt pan so that's what I did. It ended up looking like a giant donut but the kids didn't seem to mind. ;)

We went to the salon to get toe nails and finger nails painted. The girls LOVED IT!!!

I have to tell you about Ryanne. As you know, she has never met a stranger. She talks all the time. haha! So, nothing was different here. She talked to this poor woman the entire time. She would move and see what others were doing which would make the girl get a little paint on Ryanne's skin then Ryanne would turn back around and tell you, "You'll have to get that off my skin." The gal would respond, "You're going to have to stop moving so I don't paint your skin." haha! I felt so bad for the poor gal but she did awesome!

They gave each of the girls jolly ranchers and little shoes to wear out so they didn't mess up their nails. They had to cut them down to size for them though. LOL! Not bad for $24 for all four of them. =o)

After the nails we were all hungry so off to Chick fil a we went for food and play. Hooray!! This lasted for about an hour and a half.

Then, on to our house! The girls changed into jammies, sang Happy Birthday to Ryanne, opened gifts then ate cake. We also had popcorn, fresh pineapple and cucumber strips (I was trying to balance out the junk food). They watched a movie for about 30 minutes and then they were done and played. They played hard. Once girls were started to get hurt I had them settle down for about 20 minutes of the movie and then off to play again. By that time, moms started showing up to get them. I think they had fun. I hope they did. Ryanne loved it! It was an almost sleepover except the girls went to bed an somewhat descent hours (around 9pm). Ryanne and I had fun!! Oh, during all this, Paul and Collin were camping with the scouts. Paul has pics from that so I'll have to post those later. 


Andy and Melissa said...

So cute! Stella had a blast:). Thanks for inviting her!

ALYN said...

That donut looks fabulous.

Necha said...

Looks like a blast!! And now I want a chocolate cake. It looked so yummy!