Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Are Marshall

I am a girl and am not a big fan of watching sports on television. However, in school I was on the basketball team (favorite!), tennis team, soccer team, and swim team so I love to play sports and I enjoy watching people I know play sports but I hate watching games on television. Why on earth would I watch a movie like this you ask? Well, that's simple. In movies like this the viewer gets to know the people playing the game and is able to see all the hardships and trials they go through to get to where they are. I enjoy the story behind the players. When I watch sports on television, I just don't get that (except for sometimes the olympics).

Anyways, I really enjoyed this movie. It had mild language but no sex scenes or anything. It is about a town who's football team and some other students and staff were in a plane crash. They lost the entire football team except one coach and three players. The devastation hit more than just the team or even the school. It hit the entire town. They had a hard time dealing with it. The school almost closed down the football but with a lot of hard work from the college president they were able to build the team again. They didn't win any awards their first season, they only won a few games but the story was about a town overcoming an incredible hardship and accepting this new team. They had to overcome their grief and not let everything football remind them of people lost but to see it as a new beginning and a way to honor those lost. It was an awesome story!

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