Saturday, November 6, 2010

Paul's last bash at CFA

So, on Paul's last day at CFA he had "Paul's last bash". Basically, this meant that they all hung out in the parking lot after work and had a jam session. Back in the day, before Collin was born, they had a jamming session ever Saturday night practically and I went all the time. It was these three, Brandon, Paul and Jason. But, they all started going on their ways. Brandon is off at school and Jason started his career. I don't think the three of them have gotten together to jam in a while so Brandon came back from school for this and Jason came up to CFA and they had a final jam. It was awesome and great to see them both again. It was really awesome hearing all three of them play and sing again.

Proud mommy brag moment:
They started playing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz and Collin knows every word so he sat down with them in the middle of that large group of people and sang right along with them. Super cute! I loved it!! :)