Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning Conference Session

This morning we timed conference so we'd watch it during Ronni's nap time. :) Collin played Scripture4kids during conference, Kami used the youth packet and we played Conference Bingo... all from this site.

The morning session of conference was awesome!! One thing that I've been working on is time management and making sure that I do the important things before I do the fun things -- prioritize, I suppose, would be a simpler way of saying this. ;) So many of the talks seemed to hit on that. Ak! I think that my favorites were McConkie's and Uchtdorf's. I am definitely using McConkie's talk in my next teacher training meeting in primary. It was awesome and said everything that a teacher needs to do... The four steps to teaching with the right attitude are 1- immerse yourself in scripture. 2- apply things you've learned. 3- Seek heaven's help, "If ye receive not the Spirit ye shall not teach." 4- Respond to spiritual promptings.
Uchtdorf's was about "It's easy to be busy," and how we need to simplify our lives. He talked about how we get so busy that we don't have time to be happy and that we need to focus on the things that matter most - the things that strengthen my family. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." The simplicity of the Gospel is this, "Come follow me."

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