Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kami learning to cook... shocking??

Kami has been spending so much time at our house that she now has a chore list and one of them is cooking one night a week. Well, guess what... tonight was her night. Just so you know... she doesn't know how. haha! So, here is PROOF that she was cooking. ;)
We made chicken and broccoli casserole. First she had to cook the chicken and shred the chicken. Then top it with cooked broccoli and cream of chicken soup.
What's a casserole w/o cheese? She learned to grate cheese and then topped the casserole with it... yumm

Here is the casserole pre-oven.
See, she even put it in the oven!! Go Kami!! :) hehe

Yummy!! Chicken-Broccoli casserole anyone??
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