Friday, October 8, 2010

Relief Society Meeting

Was very fun last night. The theme was "Giving with Joy". They had ways to have a great attitude when giving (getting us read for the holiday season) and then they had inexpensive gift ideas. These were all really cute and I wish I had pen and paper so I could have written them down. I am forgetting some of the ideas already. There was a drawing at the end and I won what is pictured below. I have now turned it into a fruit stand. hehe! It would work for lots of things though... chips and dip, strawberries and chocolate sauce...etc. But... I don't entertain too often and with my family, well, they get the bag and the container the salsa is in (we make our own so it's normally in a bowl anyways). So... here's the picture:

 The pumpkins my kiddos painted yesterday morning. But... back to the fruit bowl. These ladies went in Goodwill and found the dishes for a few cents each then glued them together. I forget what type of glue they said but something from Lowe's that you have to mix together. I'll have to ask them. I think it's pretty cute! :) This one is a bowl, and upside down water glass (or some kind of fancy glass) and a plate. There was another made with two plates instead of a bowl on top but I like the bowl. I could fill it with more fruit. :) I thought it was cute so I thought I'd post. It's time for me to start making some Christmas gifts though.... hmmmm...... Time to get some ideas!! :)


Traci said...

Epoxy :D

That turned out really cute as a fruit stand!

Linda said...

Thank you for that glue... I couldn't remember. :) I've never heard of it before. hehe! Epoxy. :)

Laura said...