Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vacation!! Camping at the Beach... hooray!!!

Ronni didn't really like the waves the first day. She was content sitting on the blanket w/ her cup and building sand castles w/ me. She finally liked the waves by day 3. I was having to hold her back so she didn't go too deep. LOL!

Collin loved them from the moment we got there. He chased them and ran from them... found shells and played in the dirt! What a blast!

Life in the tent. After dinner we took the kids to the showers then stuck them in the tent and didn't allow them out until morning. haha! They just got so dirty and I didn't want to sleep in it. ;) We had toys and books so it was fun. We just played and hung out for a couple of hours every night.

Paul slept in and had to eat breakfast alone.... not really alone b/c we were all in the campsite together.

Ronni's swimsuit used to be white.... hmmmmm.... will it ever be again?

Camping on the Sabbath...

What a beautiful world we have... =D

BIRDS!! Yeah, she was excited. ;) hehe!

Yes, Paul was playing his ukulele as we walked down the beach. He's good though so, no, it wasn't embarrassing. =D

Collin and Dad (remember this was also Father's Day so I thought this was cute).

Sandy face!!! You'd think she tried eating it or something... she did.

Collin found some fun shells in this little stream of water.

She was excited to be splashing in water with no waves.

Time for a hike!

I had to wait for the ones w/ shorter legs than me... and the responsible parent who was sticking w/ the kids.

By the end of the hike the short legged ones weren't doing so well. Ronni ended up on my back and Collin on Paul's shoulders.

Back at camp -- playing in the dirt.

For dinner we had chicken and rice (great camping meal -- so easy). Ronni thoroughly enjoyed it too. What a face!!

The Aquarium!

The kids and me in front of the Paranas (sp?)

They loved this one!! =D

We were going through the glass tunnel that goes through the middle of the aquarium. Sharks kept swimming over us so I assume that's what Ronni was so excited about in this pic.

These little guys were my faves --- sea dragons. Aren't they cool looking?

They sat there a while watching the jelly fish. Collin even named some of them.

Collin trying to touch the sting rays. The tank was made for longer arms though and Collin couldn't quite reach.

Out on the Town - Day 3

On Monday afternoon we decided to go out on the town and see what we could find. In the picture above (click it for a larger view) all those ripples in the water are FISH!! Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe it in there. I told the kids not to fall in b/c those fish looked hungry. haha!

I took this picture just b/c I thought Collin looked so grown up. He was walking a few feet away from us, in his own world, with this funky little criss-cross gait, bouncing his little jellyfish yo-yo.

The kids found the dinos and had to ride. Collin was so tired at this point (Ronni already had a nap) that we had to tell him to stop waving at the camera. He just kept waving even when we told him he could get down. haha! He set himself to automatic.

Last Day on the Beach

While Paul packed up camp we went to the beach to enjoy the morning. Paul thought it'd just be easier w/o the kids so, I was the unfortunate one who had to go and spend a little more time on the beach with them. ;) It was gorgeous!! I love the beach in the early mornings. In the picture above that is Collin squatting in the sand. =)

Look at that sky!!

The kids chasing the birds. Of all things, there were pigeons on the beach. I thought seagulls but... nope, pigeons.

The kids wanted me to bury them in the sand. Ronni wouldn't keep her feet still as I was burying her so her feet are sticking up. haha!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Like father like son...

Mom Smith, this is mainly for you. Paul looked over and saw Collin staring like this at the TV and said I had to get a pic for you. haha! Paul said that even he knew this was Paul when he was small (I think it could apply to him now too ;). hehe.... I think Collin was definitely enjoying Word World.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adoption update....

It has been asked so I'll post it. There isn't really much to say. We are just waiting right now. A while back the birthfather said he wanted her. She had been with us for 10 mos at that point. He was served the papers and we haven't heard anything from him. June 8th was the last day he could do anything. I haven't heard anything from the lawyers though so I'm not sure what's going on. Hopefully we'll have a court date in July to finalize the adoption. Basically, we are still waiting....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lost all of our blog addresses.....

Somehow when I changed the background all of our blog addresses we check disappeared. If you are one of them that we checked and you see that I haven't added you back then please leave a comment so that I can add you to our list. I went through the comments to April and added ppl who commented but some of you haven't so you're not there. Please help me! =D Thanks!

Newness and other stuff

I just thought this was funny. Ronni did too. ;) She had been eating cookies and drooled and made a mess. Arwen (the dog) noticed this quickly. Ronni laid down so Arwen could lick her face. Ronni just laughed and Arwen was excited b/c she got cookies. hehe!

Here is Collin sporting his new haircut. We were going to church... that's why he's dressed up. He sure is starting to look like a little man.

Paul got a ukulele for Father's Day. Collin seems to think it's his b/c it's so small. He says it's just his size. haha!

We got a small desk so it would fit in the living room so here is Collin playing on our brand new desk. Collin didn't even notice I was taking pics. haha!