Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Capsule wardrobe

So, remember that whole core wardrobe thing? Love it! I love it so much that I have my spring wardrobe ready. Just FYI... people are always talking about how a capsule wardrobe needs to be good quality. Okay, yes, I can agree with that, but it doesn't mean it has to be expensive. Here is my wardrobe.....
My entire wardrobe and all four shoes. The shoes do not include my running or hiking shoes. The two sandals are thrift store finds, flip flops are walmart from a couple of years ago and the ballet flats were a Christmas gift in 2013.

My blazers and vests. The blazer is Lauren Conrad but I found it on Poshmark. The other two are from thrift stores.

Capris -- the gray ones are Dockers!! So comfy. Both of these are thrift store finds. 

Dresses -- the gray one is a Lauren Conrad and both of these were found on Poshmark.

Long pants --- The light gray ones are DOCKERS!!! :) I really love how comfy Dockers pants are. The two outer ones are from thrift stores and the middle palazzo pants are from Zulily. 

Scarves: The purple sparkly Narf and the floral scarf on the left are both from the Dressing Your Truth store. The green, gray and white one at the top is from Walmart. The blue dove and the purple and gray ones are thrift store finds. 

The middle high-low charcoal gray skirt was a gift from my hubby. The green one was a hand-me-down and the blue one I bought from an online yardsale.

Okay, the blue, red, and brown tanks came from Down East Basics for $3-5 each brand new. The green one was bought from an online yardsale. 

Tees: The bottom left burnout, the top left flower, and the gray top middle one are all thrift store finds. The gray top right, rose bottom right and camo bottom middle are all from Zulily. 

Tops: Zebra print top left is a thrift find, blue green was a gift from inlaws, orange was an online yardsale find, the snakeskin gray and white was a gift from my inlaws, and the blue poncho top was a gift from my husband. 

Vests: both are thrift store finds.

This brings my wardrobe to a total of..... 39 items! YAY!! My ultimate goal is 33. I just couldn't narrow it down. Oh well.

Here are just a few of the outfits I have come up with these items. I have many more outfits to use. I just haven't had a chance to wear them yet. ;) I have only been wearing my spring wardrobe for 9 days so I have 9 days worth of outfits for ya to see. :) 

You'll notice this shirt is on here twice already but the outfits are completely different. :) 
There ya have it!!! I'll post new outfits on here later. :)

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