Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Day in our School

A day in our life looks something like this....

 We start every morning with math and typing. We use Singapore Math and Typing without Tears. One works on math one of one with me while the other does typing and handwriting independently.

Then we take a little break (15-20 minutes). The kids earn GoNoodle coupons for having a good attitude and trying their best. This is their opportunity to use them up. :)
 Back to work... This is our ELA block. We start with vocabulary.
 Selfie --- calm mommy. :)
 Then we do our read aloud. In history, we're learning about vikings so we are reading a fictional story about vikings in literature. :) After we finish our read aloud we normally have a comprehension activity (mural, charades, project...etc) or do some copywork (a quote from the book).

 Then we work on grammar -- verbs, nouns, pronouns, interrogative sentences, declarative sentences, and spelling.

By this time, it's normally lunch time. So, we take a break and eat and the kids play outside when they're done. If the weather is nice then they're sometimes in the sprinklers or we take the dogs on a walk or whatever.
 Finally, back to school. Read to self time. The kids read to themselves for 20 minutes. We use Accelerated Reading program for their reading level and points. The AR program gives a certain number of points per book. Since we do 6 weeks of school followed by a 2 week break, the kids have to earn a certain number of points every 8 weeks. So, long books are worth more and short books are worth less. It's the fairest way I've found to do it for our family and it gets the kids to read.
 After that, we start science. YAY!! The kids love science.
Finally, we get to history and we are done for the day.

That is our full day of school. We normally finish around 3pm or so. We don't start until 9 and we take breaks when the kids them. It's fun!
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