Tuesday, December 31, 2013

WWHWD? (What would a holy woman do?)

According to the Bible Dictionary, holiness refers to one's 'moral character'.

Doctrine and Covenants 46:33 reads, "And ye must practice avirtue and holiness before me continually."

I was given this book as a Christmas gift from my Mother-in-Law. What an amazing book! The author challenges six friends to do something and this book is an account of those six friends and what happened as they worked on this challenge. Here is the letter she sent them,
In thinking about how to learn about holiness, I'm wondering if for three days you would be willing to, just once each day, purposely choose one of your daily activities and try to "be holy" while doing it, or do it as a holy woman would do it. For example, how would a holy woman start her day? What would be on her "to do" list? How would a holy woman approach a difficult assignment or a new overwhelming project? How would she read to a child, or exercise? How would she talk with a friend, or shop, or play, or pray, or do laundry?
How would a holy woman handle a conflict or avoid a conflict? What would she read, or say, or listen to, or watch, or wear? What would she do in really difficult situations? If someone said something to her that was confusing, or hurtful, or demoralizing, how would a holy woman respond? What would she do? If she were betrayed, or misunderstood, or falsely accused, what would a holy woman do?
How would a holy woman respond to her own success or failure? How would she respond to the successes and failures of others? how would a holy woman use her time and energy and money? How would she prepare to partake of the sacrament each Sunday?
How would a holy married woman welcome her husband home? Or how would she help him to welcome her home so they both felt loved, adored, wanted, and needed? How would a holy single young woman date, or use her time when not dating?
Would you be willing to try that? Choose one thing a day for three days -- a different thing each day or the same thing -- you can't do this wrong.
These women were aged 26-65 years old and some had kids, some didn't, some grandparents, some new moms... etc. It was really neat to read the things these women did. Then, I was super excited to discover that The Red Headed Hostess loved this book as well and came up with a great idea.

She is going to use this as her New Year's Resolution. So, I figured I will too. :) She made a pdf that says, "What Would a Holy Woman Do?" All I have to do is print them out, cut them out, and then put them all over my house to remind me. I have already done that and am super excited to get started. :) I love that each day I can just pick out one thing to do. If I just make a list of all the things I want to improve, well, that list would end up being quite daunting. Doing it this way seems like a more attainable goal. Woot!! :) It also encompasses every aspect of my life - spiritual, temporal, and physical. So, hopefully this will be a goal that I am able to keep. :)
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