Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Here are some of the Christmas events we've done to get into the Christmas spirit! :)

The ward (church) Christmas party!! Collin, Ryanne, and their cousin got to sit with Santa. :)

Every year we go see the lights at the local gardens. LOVE IT!! They give out cookies with cocoa or apple cider too. It's all free.

We made lots of Christmas cookies....

The kids drew names with the cousins on my side of the family. They each bought a gift, wrapped it, and gave it to a cousin.

Remember those Christmas cookies earlier? Well, they were made for the cubscouts. We decorated cookies and then delivered them and sang carols to the fire department and EMS office. While we were there they took us on a tour of the facility and the trucks and everything too. So cool!

Of course we had to decorate cookies at home too. :)

We always do some sort of homemade gift from the family to my sister's family. This year I made little owls to give my nieces and nephew.

My mother in law gave us wooden trees to use in our Christmas celebrations. So, I painted them and put the lights in the holes. Christmas morning the kids colored their ornaments while waiting for me to get breakfast ready. Then, as they taped the ornaments to the tree we talked about things they already have that they are grateful for and how blessed we are before we open any gifts. 

To improve fine motor skills, Collin has been learning to crochet. This is the single crochet stitch. He made a bracelet. :) Next... half double crochet stitch. :)

Christmas Eve was family day. We went to my sister's first and did a gift exchange and played there. Then we went to Paul's grandparents' home where all of their family was. So many people and lots of food! :)

Christmas morning!! We start every Christmas morning with Monkey bread (or pull-apart bundt cake) and fresh fruit. Yummmmm....

The kids are coloring their ornaments (see tree picture previously mentioned) to go on the wooden trees. Did I mention there were two of them? So, they each had their own tree to decorate. Then, they had to eat their breakfast before they could start on gifts. 
 And then.... the kids got to start on gifts but we had to start with the big one first. :)

In addition to the trampoline, the kids got a few other things from US. Ryanne got a CD, CD case, a pair of earrings, a new leotard for dance, and some candy. Collin got a new suit, 6 hardback books in the 39 Clues series, a pack of Pokemon cards, a dinosaur book, and some candy. :)

Collin and I spent a lot of time playing Battleship. He got this from his grandparents last night and LOVED the game even though I did win. ;)

Our Christmas Day feast. I am low key. I get all the food ready and people just munch on it throughout the day. There is leftover monkey bread and fruit from breakfast, cheese dip for chips/crackers/veggies/or whatever, leftover cheeseball from last night, popcorn, veggie tray, pumpkin pie, pecan pie (not pictured), plate of cookies/fudge/peppermint bark/and other goodies, crockpot chili, and rolls. :)
My mom will probably come over later and perhaps other grandparents... we'll see.... but right now, it's just us. :) I love Christmas!!! :)
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