Monday, December 9, 2013

School Room

Here is how the school room is organized. I was asked a few times about it so... here it is....

This is the Writing Process

We have definitions and things I have written all over the walls for quick references. These are things like key terms in math word problems, noun and verb definitions and examples, different types of fiction....etc.

This is Collin's work space. He has his weekly schedule, some pictures he likes and then some papers of things he's currently working on hanging up.

This is Ryanne's work area --- sight words, weekly schedule, pictures, and some things she's working on.

This is our calendar/weather board. It is on a tri-fold board so we can fold it up and stick it behind something when not in use b/c we live in a small home.

This is our schedule board. It changes daily. I love this thing because the time is a face clock so the kids get to practice telling time while looking at the schedule. Two birds... ;)

This is our project table but I use it as my work area too. I sit on a bean bag b/c my body has gotten too old to sit on the floor for 6-8 hrs/day. haha!

We have a basket of books that sits between them. These are books of all reading levels. The sign on the front tells them the 3 ways to read a book. 1. read the pictures. 2. Read the Words. 3 Retell the story. Ryanne normally reads the pictures but Collin has to read the words. They both retell stories. When there is a break where one has finished what they were working on but I'm still working with the other student then they grab a book. Or... under the project table are little activities/games they can work with too. 

Each of the kids has a folder like this. On one side is "to do" and the other side is "done". All the worksheets that need to be completed for the day go on the "to do" side and once they are completed they go on the "done" side. This is just an easy way for the kids to see how much more they have.

This is Ryanne's weekly schedule again. I am showing you how it's highlighted. When she completes an assignment she highlights it. They are allowed to go ahead if they want to but they must have everything highlighted by the end of Friday. If they finish before lunch time on Friday then they get to do music and art Friday afternoon. I teach both of them piano, Collin voice, and then any type of art/craft project is fun.

This is under the project table. There are math manipulatives, project boxes and art supplies under there.

These are our friends Vicky Verb, Nicky Noun, and Peggy Pronoun. We each colored one of them but we made them together. The kids really like these guys. I got this idea from my sister. ;) She has an Addy Adjective as well but she has an older daughter who has gotten to those. Neither of my kids have gotten that far yet.
Anyways, so that's most of the classroom. There is a rolling cart with art supplies and a bookshelf with all the text books on it. I also have the piano in there which comes in useful sometimes. ;)It's really only in there b/c it won't fit in any other room but I like it there. :)
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