Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Roach and the Joker

I think it was last summer but it may have been the summer before that... I can't keep it straight, my kids participated in a mom day camp. At one of the homes they went to, the day was spent learning about bugs. My children then came home with a bunch of rubber bugs. Since then, they have slowly disappeared except for one plastic roach.

I used to tease Ryanne with it. I always thought it was funny that she ran squealing from it even though it is just plastic. She knows it is but she still squeals and runs from it in terror. Unfortunately, she has recently realized that she can touch it and play with it. I say unfortunately not because I cannot watch her squeal but because she is working on her revenge for the months of torturing her. She likes to leave it in places where I am... desk, kitchen counters, floor...etc. She hides somewhere and watches me jump. Then I realize it's the stinkin' fake roach and look for the culprit who planted it there. She has even started leaving it in the doorways hoping visitors see it as they walk in and they shriek in terror. So, if you come to my home, be careful, I have a little practical joker in the making and I can guarantee nothing.

Doesn't it look realistic? Ick!

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Adelina Priddis said...

oh my gosh, that's too funny!!