Monday, June 18, 2012

Millions of Houses, Houses for Me! :)

We've had a few nibbles on our house (it's not officially on the market yet) but they've all backed out. Meanwhile, I have been dreaming of homes. I search for them and really enjoy looking at them. It has given me a better idea of what I want too. :) Here are some examples of the homes I like and several of them are off the market now but... it's still been educational. :)

This is our current home so if you know of anyone who wants it then contact us. :) 2 bedrooms and 1 bath on the southside of Aiken on a quarter acre lot. Yard is completely fenced in... front and back. :)
I love that this one is old and country. It just feels so country and I LOVE that! :) There are a few things about the interior I don't like but I do love this country look.
This one was almost perfect. So close to being perfect!! It had 3 bedrooms plus a bonus room and 3 bathrooms. It also had an awesome loft upstairs that was full of cabinets. :) Perfect for a school room. It's flaw? The pool. Yes, it had a pool that I didn't want to care for and it took up the entire back yard. There was no where for the kids to play. So.... this was a NO!
This one is really cute! It's 3 bedrooms plus a bonus room w/ 2.5 bathrooms. It has a single garage though... which is a small flaw and something I can get over. There is also a neighborhood pool and park which is a total bonus.
This one... I LOVE! It is 3 bedrooms plus a bonus room and a loft. It is under our price range and it comes with $7000 incentive! Woot! It's only on .34 acres though. However, that is more than a lot of the other houses. It's in a brand new neighborhood that is about 10 minutes out of town but that's 10 minutes closer to Paul's work. There is no fence but that $7000 would cover it. ;) Hmmmm.... definitely a possibility. The master bedroom is downstairs and all the kids' stuff is upstairs and the laundry room is upstairs. So... I'd have to drag Paul and my laundry up.
This one is my absolute favorite!! It is also in a new neighborhood. It is on a 1 acre lot and is 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It has a sunroom, formal dining room, and breakfast nook. Whoo! Which one would we do school in? So many choices... then the other one could be the toy room. Yeap, I can totally go for that. It's in a neighborhood way out in the country. Love it! There are lakes and trails throughout the neighborhood and it's closer to Paul's work.
Now, we just still need to get the kitchen counter in and replace the windows and then the home will be on the market. Hopefully it'll sell fairly quickly and we can start house hunting --- especially since Paul and I have a better idea of what we're looking for now. :)
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