Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yeap, Kami took Collin on a sister-brother date. :) hehe! Collin had so much fun! She took him to play putt-putt (or mini-golf depending on where you're from) and then they played the arcade games when they were finished. Collin also got a hole in one on hold #11 (yes, he told me this) and that happened to be the mystery hole! That means that we now have a coupon for him a free game. hehe! He is super excited about this. Kami also bought him ice cream and they earned over 200 tickets on the arcade games and came home with little erasers, bouncy balls, tootsie rolls and a rubix cube. Tons of fun!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Second Degree Orange Belt

Collin is now a second degree orange belt. Paul got a video of the testing on his phone but I haven't gotten my hands on it yet to post it. I think it's still on his phone. And, my batter died on the camera so I didn't get the pics. Grrrrr! Only two... here they are! :)

 Collin is in the front center. :) He did awesome! His form was strong and his kiyaps were loud and clear. I was proud of my little Tae Kwon Do boy! :)


 Don't you love the shoes?? hehe! I thought they were awesome! Of course, I'm the one who wore white backless tennis shoes for my wedding so... I totally approved of the shoes. And, yes, one has purple polka dots and the other blue. They were once white but Kami colored them. :)

One of Kami's best friends -- Kylie. :)

FYI - Kami was in the living room doing Zumba in her formal wear while waiting for her date. :) Paul got a video of it but I didn't want to embarrass her. If she wants me to then I'll post it later but for now, I'll just tell you about it. hehe! I thought it was awesome! =o)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exciting day and it's not even 4 yet.

This morning we went to the local gardens and saw the Youth Wing's Garden Theater. It was put on by the youth wing at the local theater and it was "Tales of Beatrix Potter". My kids loved it. Collin now things that he will work in the theater when he's old enough to be in the youth wing (6th grade). They had five little skits. Two of them were just poems acted out and the others were a few minutes each. I am grateful it was short b/c it was very HOT!! :) We were all dripping with sweat. Ick! I will post pics when I get them. Kami took some with her awesome new camera but she's off visiting her male friend right now so I'll have to get them from her later. ;)

After that we went to Sonic for Wacky Wednesdays!! :) I love Wacky Wednesdays b/c the kids' Wacky Pack meals are only $2 each. Yeah!

Finally, library.
These pics weren't from today. (Remember, I forgot my camera.) They were on the website for the ecology lab here that does these. The kids got to learn about frogs, lizards, salamanders, snakes, turtles (even a huge snapping turtle), an opossum, and a flying squirrel. Did you know that a bull frog eats small alligators? Who knew? haha! I thought it was interesting. I learned a lot of neat things. Collin was just zoned through the whole thing. Ronni, not so much. She was a bit freaked by the frogs and salamanders but she thought the rest were neat.... yes, even the snakes. Why was she afraid of the frogs and not the snakes? I just don't get it. haha! The opossum was hissing and drooling and she preferred him over the frogs. LOL! Silly girl.

So... all of the excitement today was FREE (except for Sonic). Awesome!! The kids had a blast and we all learned new things. I LOVE being home with my kids!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cheap movies at Regal Cinemas!!

Let me just say how much I love all the free/cheap things going on this summer in town. Today, we went to the dollar movies and saw "How To Train Your Dragon".
It was an incredibly cute movie!! So cute that we went to Target after and bought it and watched it tonight with daddy with ice-cream and blueberry cobbler. :) I learned something new at the theater today though. They have booster seats. I never knew that. haha! I'm a bit slow. This was also Ronni's first time at the theater. Collin did great but Ronni, well, there was a lot of "shush-ing" and "get off the floor" and "don't get between the people in front of us". haha! Overall, she did well, though. She's never really been one to watch movies. We love the summer movies though b/c there are so many little kids there that mine are never the loud ones. hehe! It was packed too!! I thought it wouldn't be as packed as last year b/c it was free last year and this year it was a dollar a piece but... nope. TONS of ppl!! haha! Tons of fun though. =o) Tomorrow, we have another big adventure planned. 11am will be a play and at 2pm we'll be checking out snakes. =o) So excited! Oh... and... it'll all be FREE!!! YAY!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Collin read his first book!! Hooray!!!

Okay, before you get too excited you must remember that he's a preschooler and this is his FIRST book ever so there is still a lot of sounding out and prompts from momma. :) I was just proud of him. It was 25 pages and by the time Paul started recording it he was getting tired. His school (K12) has a summer challenge to read one book a week so that's what we're going to try to do. In this video, Paul was standing on the other side of the room when he started recording it so it's hard to understand. Around 2:30 he comes over and sits next to us so you may just want to skip to there. You also get to see Collin get frustrated a few times. Poor little guy thinks everything should be perfect so if he gives the wrong sound then he gets mad at himself. I was just excited and had to brag even though no one else really cares and the movie will be completely dull to anyone else, I am proud and have watched it many times already. hehe! I love the ending where he turns to Paul and said, "Any more?" with a big grin on his face. LOL! It's perfect!! This is the first time he's seen many of these words too. Okay, I'll stop talking about it and just post the video. =o)