Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cheap movies at Regal Cinemas!!

Let me just say how much I love all the free/cheap things going on this summer in town. Today, we went to the dollar movies and saw "How To Train Your Dragon".
It was an incredibly cute movie!! So cute that we went to Target after and bought it and watched it tonight with daddy with ice-cream and blueberry cobbler. :) I learned something new at the theater today though. They have booster seats. I never knew that. haha! I'm a bit slow. This was also Ronni's first time at the theater. Collin did great but Ronni, well, there was a lot of "shush-ing" and "get off the floor" and "don't get between the people in front of us". haha! Overall, she did well, though. She's never really been one to watch movies. We love the summer movies though b/c there are so many little kids there that mine are never the loud ones. hehe! It was packed too!! I thought it wouldn't be as packed as last year b/c it was free last year and this year it was a dollar a piece but... nope. TONS of ppl!! haha! Tons of fun though. =o) Tomorrow, we have another big adventure planned. 11am will be a play and at 2pm we'll be checking out snakes. =o) So excited! Oh... and... it'll all be FREE!!! YAY!
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