Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exciting day and it's not even 4 yet.

This morning we went to the local gardens and saw the Youth Wing's Garden Theater. It was put on by the youth wing at the local theater and it was "Tales of Beatrix Potter". My kids loved it. Collin now things that he will work in the theater when he's old enough to be in the youth wing (6th grade). They had five little skits. Two of them were just poems acted out and the others were a few minutes each. I am grateful it was short b/c it was very HOT!! :) We were all dripping with sweat. Ick! I will post pics when I get them. Kami took some with her awesome new camera but she's off visiting her male friend right now so I'll have to get them from her later. ;)

After that we went to Sonic for Wacky Wednesdays!! :) I love Wacky Wednesdays b/c the kids' Wacky Pack meals are only $2 each. Yeah!

Finally, library.
These pics weren't from today. (Remember, I forgot my camera.) They were on the website for the ecology lab here that does these. The kids got to learn about frogs, lizards, salamanders, snakes, turtles (even a huge snapping turtle), an opossum, and a flying squirrel. Did you know that a bull frog eats small alligators? Who knew? haha! I thought it was interesting. I learned a lot of neat things. Collin was just zoned through the whole thing. Ronni, not so much. She was a bit freaked by the frogs and salamanders but she thought the rest were neat.... yes, even the snakes. Why was she afraid of the frogs and not the snakes? I just don't get it. haha! The opossum was hissing and drooling and she preferred him over the frogs. LOL! Silly girl.

So... all of the excitement today was FREE (except for Sonic). Awesome!! The kids had a blast and we all learned new things. I LOVE being home with my kids!
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