Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mud Bath!!

Ronni likes to play outside while I do school with Collin so, today she was playing the backyard. I ran out to check on her periodically and it's completely fenced in and our dog barks if anyone comes close so I don't worry too much. Then, I heard the water turn on and ran out there. She was making mud. She was already dirty and wet so I figured I'd just let her go at it. LOL! Collin and I did a bit more school then I checked on her again. Oh my!! I can't even describe what I found so here are some pictures.
Love this shocked face!! She saw me... she was caught!

Oh good!! I'm not in trouble! :)

So, she sat back down and continued playing.

The bathtub -- post Ronni. =o) I still haven't cleaned it out.. yikes! She also took a shower so part of it probably went down the drain. *fingers crossed it doesn't clog anything up*
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