Tuesday, April 19, 2011


As I mentioned in my previous homeschool post, we went on a field trip with Collin's virtual charter school next year. So excited about it. The three of us went to the zoo yesterday. Hooray!! :) Here are pics of our adventures.
 Tortoise: The kids loved it b/c they were walking all over the place. They've never done that before while we were there. :)
 The kangaroo exhibit. I love this one (I still miss the sea lions they replaced) because we get to walk through their home with no walls or fences between us. It's neat!
 Gorilla. This one is always a hit with my kiddos.

 We stopped for a snack. I had popcorn in my backpack. Do you see where Collin's foot is propped up? Apparently there was an ant bed there and a few moments later Collin yelled, "Ants!" And leaped off the rock a few feet in front of us scratching and jumping. LOL! Poor guy! He made it with no bites though. haha! Just plenty of tickles.
 Elephants... they are very aromatic.
 This is where Ronni ended up for part of the trip... my shoulders hurt. haha! Especially when she was on my shoulders and I was lifting Collin up to see things too. Whoo! Quite the workout!
 Collin was up there feeding the giraffe but that man stepped in front of me as I was clicking. Oh well, just trust me, Collin was there.
 As strange as this is, Collin is always most excited to see the ostrich. Normally he says far away so the only way Collin sees him is if I zoom in with the camera and show him the picture. You can imagine his excitement when the ostrich walked right up to us and started pecking at the pinecones in front of our feet. It was awesome!

 They loved "milking a cow".

 and feeding the goats!
 And, of course, posing for their mommy to get pictures.
 The "Wormies" as the kids called them.
Ronni kept sliding off the back of the lion so she sat on his tail for me instead. LOL! Her idea. ;)

Then, we left and ate lunch by the river in the picnic area. The kids and I were exhausted but we still had to go to the other side of Columbia to run some errands before heading home. We all slept well last night. =o)
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