Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Sesson

This weekend is General Conference weekend. It's one of my favorite weekends!! I LOVE CONFERENCE!!! Lately, I have been focusing on being a better mother and ways to improve (yes, there are TONS of ways... I have a lot to work on) so I was extremely excited about conference because of that. I knew I would get some answers but I had no idea that there would be so many. There were some great talks!
  • L.Tom Perry -- Keeping the Sabbath holy
  • Jean a Stevens -- Becoming more child-like
  • Walter F. Gonzalas -- How to be a better follower of Christ
  • Kent F. Richards -- spiritual and physical pain cured through Christ
  • Quentin L. Cook -- LDS women are incredible (Yeap!! Totally earned some brownie points ;)
  • Henry B. Eyring -- Service
So, granted, not all of these are about children -- at least, that's what it seems but every single one of them had something to do with children and raising children. It was awesome! I saw things I can do with the kids to help them focus more on Christ on Sundays. Then there was the talk about becoming more child-like. It spoke about how precious these children are and how we need to be humble and full of love just like them. I learned how to teach my kids to follow the words of Christ and to teach them about the Atonement. Cook's talk spoke about how important it is for me to teach the kids and to care for the kids. Finally, Eyring discussed service and how important it is for children to learn about service now so they will be more willing to serve and help others when they are older. Basically, through all of this I learned how incredibly special the spirits are that I have been given. They are amazing and some days it's so easy for me to forget how special they are. Hopefully, I will be able to remember this and my relationship with my kids will become stronger and we will all be stronger in the Gospel from it.

Okay, 1 hr and 20 minutes to the next session! HOORAY!!
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